Racine & Me, March 4, 2017: Be a Hero to a Kid, Tribute to Bix Fest, and Belle City Brewfest

NOW: Racine & Me, March 4, 2017: Be a Hero to a Kid, Tribute to Bix Fest, and Belle City Brewfest

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Jacob Kittilstad received his first piece of fan mail this week and he shared it with viewers to open this packed show about upcoming events.

Jacob's first guest was the executive director of "Faith Love and Hope" who was trying to raise awareness about their upcoming fundraiser. "Be a Hero to a Kid" is a wine and beer tasting event coming up on March 10 at Fountain Banquet Hall. The money raised will support their mission helping kids in the foster care system as well as children in other extremely difficult situations. They're mainly known for providing duffel bags that contain emergency items to kids and authorities. For more information click here.

Next, the organizer of the Tribute to Bix Fest graced the studio. The annual music festival honors the life and music of Bix Beiderbecke: an American jazz cornetist, pianist, and composer who help guide the course of music in this country until his death in 1931. This is the 28th year of the event - which is appropriate because Bix died at age 28 from alcoholism, the event organizer said. For more information click here.

Lastly, in the month of March when the snow can't decide whether to fall or melt, the Belle City Brewfest is returning to Festival Hall. Coordinators say they expect it to be their best-attended brewfest to date. Jacob asked about the palette-strategy to use while attending an event of this size. He also threw his own homebrew into the mix of competitors in the Belle City Brewfest Homebrew Competition. He showed off his "Prost to the Host" Oktoberfest Lager to one of the judges, but Jacob expressed concern that the competition may be too strong...like his beer. For more information click here.

Guests: Heather Lojeski - Faith Hope and Love Executive Director, Phil Pospychala - Tribute to Bix Fest Organizer, Amanda Gain - Racine Civic Center Executive Director, Goran Radojevic - CJW Inc. Craft & Import Sales Manager, Russ Klisch - Lakefront Brewery President

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