Racine & Me, March 26, 2016: Absolutely Waterford Appraisal Fair, Racine Art Museum Peeps & California Dreamin'

We start this episode of Racine & Me with a check on the top stories of the week, including a story that has gone viral: a Racine teen gives birth to a baby, after not knowing she was pregnant.

In early April, Absolutely Waterford will be hosting their annual Appraisal Fair, where participants can bring in their family heirlooms and collectibles and see how much they are worth. The event is April 2nd, 2016.

And right now, the Racine Art Museum has some exciting exhibits. The PEEPS art competition is still going on, and there's still time to vote for the People's Choice winner. You can also see the "California Dreamin' " exhibit, a collection of colorful art from two artists.

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