Racine & Me March 25, 2018: UW-Parkside, Real Racine 2018 Events, Wines & Steins, and Egg-stravaganza at the Zoo

NOW: Racine & Me March 25, 2018: UW-Parkside, Real Racine 2018 Events, Wines & Steins, and Egg-stravaganza at the Zoo

Jacob Kittilstad made it a priority to connect with local educational institutions as Foxconn prepares to shift and add to the regional workforce. This week he spoke to the chancellor of the University of Wisconsin–Parkside (which is the youngest UW school – celebrating their 50 years anniversary in 2019). The school has a large number of pre-medicine and pre-healthcare students, so faculty is also looking into how Foxconn’s medical imaging technology might intersect with their curriculum. Click here to visit UW-Parkside's website

Next, Real Racine took a series of rapid-fire questions about events coming up this summer. A short list of events includes Open House Racine County, EVP Volleyball at North Beach, a Pro Watercross Tour Stop, and the US Australian Football League National Championships. Click here to visit Real Racine's website

The Junior League of Racine is preparing for their upcoming fundraiser known as Wines & Steins Around the World. The event is structured like a food and wine tasting – where people can visit table-to-table sampling different wine, beer, and food from around the world. All proceeds will benefit the group’s charitable mission – developing female civic leaders who dedicate their time improving the lives of women and children in the community. Click here to learn more about the event

Finally, Jacob got to meet Belle the rabbit – a visitor from the Racine Zoo which will soon be hosting their annual Egg-Stravaganza! The event takes on an Easter theme and ditches the rowdiness of an egg hunt – instead encouraging kids to make their way throughout the zoo visiting different “cluck-cluck” doors to collect their prizes (a la trick or treating). Click here for more information

Guests: Debbie Ford – Chancellor of University of Wisconsin Parkside, Dr. Bryan Lewis – UW-Parkside Associate Dean of the College of Natural and Health Sciences, Cari Greving – Real Racine Events Manager, Julie Soyka – Junior League of Racine President, Sarah Greening – Junior League of Racine Member, Kristina Prochaska – Junior League of Racine Member, Beth Heidorn – Racine Zoo Executive Director, Amber Olsen – Racine Zoo Special Events and Sales Manager

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