Racine & Me, March, 18th 2017: Miss Racine 2017, Waukesha Water Plan Advocate, and the Racine Theatre Guild

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Jacob Kittilstad has lost his wallet. To start the show he confided to viewers that he thinks he knows what led to it going missing, but that’s little comfort.

Miss Racine 2017 restored the positivity in-studio by talking about her goal to promote literacy for young people. Her campaign is called #ABCletsRead and she’s already involved the Girl Scouts (and Daisy Scouts) by starting a literacy patch. She has already written and produced a children’s book called Bee and the Book that she said was inspired by her own challenges with reading as a young girl. 

Next, the general manager of Waukesha Water Utility came on the program to dispute some comments made by Racine Mayor John Dickert (the original comments were criticisms of the Waukesha Water Diversion project). The recently re-branded group “Great Water Alliance” maintained that the Root River will not be polluted by the project. Instead, they said the project would improve water quality in the Root River by increasing water flow. Current plans would have a pipeline starting in Oak Creek to carry water from Lake Michigan, through Franklin, Muskego and New Berlin to Waukesha. Another pipeline would return treated water from the Clean Water Plant in Waukesha and empty it into the Root River. Professors and students from UW-Parkside (and USGS researchers) have already started biological and chemical monitoring on the Root River ahead of the project. To view their website click here

Lastly, representatives of the Racine Theatre Guild talked about their upcoming 2017-2018 performance schedule. The list was only recently made public, but it took a lot of preparation and pre-preparation and pre-pre-preparation to even get to this point. Jacob asked questions about the upcoming plays and musicals which include Always…Patsy Cline, Boeing Boeing, Indoor/Outdoor, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, and Comedy at Tenors. Click here to learn more

Guests: Brynn Weinzirl – Miss Racine 2017, Dan Duchniak – Waukesha Water Utility General Manager, Joycelyn Fish – Racine Theatre Guild Director of Marketing and Development, Peter Jones – Racine Theatre Guild Play Reading Committee Chairperson 2017

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