Racine & Me, June 18th, 2016: Erica Cleven, RDN Cooks Healthy Treats from "The Victory Bite"

On this episode of "Racine & Me," we spend the entire episode focused on getting Racine County healthy by encouraging parents to cook with their children. 

Racine resident Erica Cleven, who is a registered dietician and nutritionist has written a cookbook called, "The Victory Bite," which not only has healthy recipes for everyone in the family to enjoy, they're simple and easy to make, so you can create them with your children. 

Erica says she learned through experience: her daughter Payton went through phases where she wouldn't eat certain types of foods; often ones that she had loved just the day before. 

Payton, now a teenager,  also joined us on the show to show how easy it is to put these meals together. Payton and Erica visit schools in the area in their spare time and put on cooking classes for the children. 

If you're interested in getting a copy of Erica's cookbook, you can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/Victory-Bite-Healthy-Recipes-Actually/dp/0997388803

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