Racine & Me June 18, 2017: Parkview Gardens, Hospice Alliance, Society’s Assets, and Gov. Martin Schreiber

NOW: Racine & Me June 18, 2017: Parkview Gardens, Hospice Alliance, Society’s Assets, and Gov. Martin Schreiber

Jacob Kittilstad put together this week’s show with one theme in mind: Senior citizens need assistance as they get older – what are their options?

Jacob’s first guest came from Fresh Coast Partners which manages Parkview Gardens Assisted Living Apartments in Caledonia. They discussed what kind of community it is and what kind of activities staff provides for residents. Jacob actually got involved with Parkview Gardens “Try It Tuesday” which helps people cross things off their bucket list. The option this week? Be a newscaster! Racine & Me produced and presented Senior Momentum – the first ever news program by the amateurs anchors of Parkview Gardens. Click here to learn more about Parkview Gardens Assisted Living Apartments 

Next, Jacob welcomed administrators from Hospice Alliance to talk about their approach to the service in Pleasant Prairie. Staff says it’s important to prepare for end-of-life care, and shared important questions people should ask while exploring hospice options. They also talked about the special services they provide at Hospice Alliance which includes specialized therapy and space for families to use while visiting their relatives. Click here to learn more about Hospice Alliance

Many people choose to live independently as long as possible. Society’s Assets Inc. is a non-profit in Racine that helps people stay in their homes longer by coordinating homecare services. The organization can help anyone with a disability or injury, but they also specialize in care for individuals with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, or dementia. Jacob spoke with multiple individuals working at different levels of the organization, including one caregiver who considers her patients to be her family. Click here to learn more about Society's Assets Inc.

And lastly, former Wisconsin Governor Martin Schreiber joined Jacob in the studio for a conversation about being family caregiver. Schreiber’s wife, Elaine, lives with Alzheimer’s Disease and has had a gradual decline as she has gotten older. Schreiber wrote a book about his experience seeing his wife change. My Two Elaines shares stories about how he stepped into his unexpected role as the person responsible for his wife’s well-being. He also discussed how he balances his own health while handling the challenging job of caring for someone with memory loss. Click here to learn more about My Two Elaines 

Society's Assets has scheduled a presentation by Governor Schreiber on Wednesday, June 28 at 6 p.m. at Meadowbrook Country Club (2149 N Green Bay Road, Mount Pleasant, WI 53405). The even is free of charge. Click here to learn more

Guests: Pam Klein – Fresh Coast Partners/Parkview Gardens Assisted Living Apartments, Ray Svendson – Lives at Parkview Gardens, Georgia Eva Sutton – Lives at Parkview Gardens, Pat Jacob – Lives at Parkview Gardens, Kelly Gronli – Hospice Alliance Director of Clinical Services, Kristi Barfield – Hospice Alliance Clinical Education Manager, Linda Vogelmann – Society’s Assets Inc. Independent Living Assistant Director, Susan Tran - Society’s Assets Inc. Home Caregiver, Susan St. John - Society’s Assets Inc. RN, Personal Care Supervisor, Amy Mlot - Society’s Assets Inc. Public Relations and Program Development Director, Martin Schreiber – Former Wisconsin Governor ’77-79

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