Racine & Me July 23, 2017: Burlington Flood Recovery, the Racine County Fair, and Goat Yoga at Oak Hollow Acres

NOW: Racine & Me July 23, 2017: Burlington Flood Recovery, the Racine County Fair, and Goat Yoga at Oak Hollow Acres


Jacob Kittilstad learned how the flood recovery has been going from Burlington Mayor Jeannie Hefty. She said people who had parts of their homes destroyed are now waiting to see if FEMA support may come through for the area which – last week - experienced its worst flooding in decades. Mayor Hefty acknowledged that the majority of people she has spoken to do not have flood insurance. She also noted that the three major factories in the city were back up in running with minimal downtime. Mayor Hefty says she is focused on the recovery work ahead of her, thanking the group Samaritan's Purse which has helped gut water-damaged homes free of charge. Click here to visit the Samaritan's Purse website

With the Racine County Fair less than a week away, Jacob welcomed the events longtime organizer to talk about what he is looking forward to this year. Racine County has a particularly active agriculture community so the animal competitions have several dozen entries in most categories. In addition, the annual demolition derby typically fills the 6,000-person capacity grandstand on the last day of the fair. But organizers also want the public to know that one dollar of every ticket sold on Thursday (as well as a portion of the beer sales from the grandstand) would be going to flood relief for Burlington. Click here for more information on the Racine County Fair

And Goat Yoga has come to Racine County! Oak Hollow Acres in Burlington has started holding goat yoga sessions in their pasture – and Jacob tagged along for one of them. He brought along a few members of the CBS 58 News team to see what it’s all about. Goat Yoga invites people to stretch and practice their balance while leaving themselves open to the bustling animals at the same time. It’s a big of a paradox but the instructor says it creates a big sense of happiness being among the herd. Click here for more information on Goat Yoga

Guests:  Jeannie Hefty – Mayor of the city of Burlington, Scott Gunderson – Racine County Agriculture Society President, Abigail Lippmann – Owner of Oak Hollow Acres, Alexandra Lippmann – Worker at Oak Hollow Acres, Megan MacCarthy – Bear Foot Yoga Healing, Lindsey Branwall - CBS 58 News Reporter, Jaquelyn Abad - CBS 58 News Reporter, Julie Parise - CBS 58 News Reporter, Parker Pena - Goat Yoga Participant

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