Racine & Me, February 4th, 2017: Racine Emergency Management, Be Mine 5K, Eco-Justice, and Zoo Events

NOW: Racine & Me, February 4th, 2017: Racine Emergency Management, Be Mine 5K, Eco-Justice, and Zoo Events

Jacob launched into the show with an interview on winter weather with the head of the Racine County Office of Emergency Management. Top officials want to warn people not to be complacent while driving even though it has been a mild winter so far. Jacob also reviewed parts of the office’s recently released 2016 Annual Report – including continuing training related to Amber Alerts.

Next, the show invited the organizers of the “Be Mine 5K” to the studio to talk about their upcoming race. What separates this run/walk from other 5Ks is that people get specific hooded-sweatshirts based on their relationship status. Clothing colors vary for people who are attached, single, not looking, and in complicated relationships. It’s also the first 5K of the season – and a cold one at that. Click here for more information!

Even though it’s cold, the people at the Eco-Justice Center Racine came in to talk about how to grow seedlings during this time of year. They are offering a special class on how to start growing your seeds indoors so you’re ready to plant in the spring. The also talked about locally sourced grains and another class for people interested in making flatbreads and focaccia with those ingredients. One goal of these classes is to show people that starting/making something with your own hands comes with its own sense of satisfaction. Click here for more information!

Lastly, the Racine Zoo graced the studio to talk about “Animal Amore” – a date-night at the zoo that explores the mating rituals of animals. Along for the ride to CBS 58: a shy little Degu who refused to come out of her handler’s purse despite soft negotiations. Not everyone wants to be famous. The show closed with a look ahead at the “Winos for Rhinos” event benefiting the gray, rotund creatures. Click here for more information!

Guests: David Maack - Director of the Office of Racine County Emergency Management, Patrick Flynn - Co-founder of 5Kevents.org, Tristin Flynn - Co-founder of 5Kevents.org, Sister Rejane Cytacki - Executive Director of the Eco-Justice Center, Sarah Ronnevik - Program Coordinator at the Eco-Justice Center, Kristina Pearson - Operations Manager for the Racine Zoo, Amber Olsen - Special Events Manager for the Racine Zoo

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