Racine & Me, Dec.5th: Little lifesaver, Brownfields clean-up, Downtown Racine Open House, Blank Fest

On this episode of Racine and me, we hear about Neveah Russo who saved her classmate's life by doing the Heimlich maneuver on him during their lunch hour at school. Racine was given $900,000 in grant money to clean up the brownfields. We talk about where those brownfields are and how this project is about more than clean up, but also job creation. Plus, the Downtown Racine Open House is coming up and they want you to wear ugly sweaters. Hear about what you'll get in return. And finally, Blank fest is coming back to a popular Racine bar for the 9th year. We tell you how to help out the homeless, while having a good time. 

And for more information about enrolling into the Great Lakes CCC’s environmental workforce development and job training program, visit the Great Lakes CCC website at www.greatlakesccc.org, or email Chris Litzau directly at [email protected].

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