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Racine & Me April 29, 2018: Open House Racine County, Koreem Ozier, and Maggie Picazo with Harbor Park CrossFit

Jacob Kittilstad invited viewers to shake off their cold weather cobwebs and take a look at the locations participating in this year’s Open House Racine County.  The event – now in its third year – is hosted by Real Racine and allows people to get tours or peak behind normally locked doors at dozens of buildings around the county. Those locations include historic buildings, structures of architectural note, and general workspaces not open to the public. Click here to learn more

Hoyer Homestead is participating in this year’s Open House Racine County. Originally owned by Maynard and Mary Hoyer, the granite stone home was built in 1914 – but the barn is believed to be even older. The organic farm now operates with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program – utilizing hydroponic raised beds and aquaponics techniques. Click here to learn more

Next, Koreem Ozier talked to Jacob about the challenges he faced in life – leading up to him accepting a full scholarship to play basketball at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. Ozier is the all-time leading point scorer for the Case High School Men’s Basketball Team. He says he got a lot of support from his family and people in the community growing up. His mother says she was just 15-year-old when she gave birth to Koreem – and the difficulties continued when his father was sent to prison. Click here to follow Koreem on Twitter

And Maggie Picazo joins Jacob in the studio to talk about a recent video of her workout that went viral online. Picazo works out at Harbor Park CrossFit and says that the video must have resonated with people because of her body type. Now she’s telling others that they should not be intimidated if they are thinking about getting on a workout plan. She also gave a demonstration of what a workout might look like for her. Click here to learn more

Guests: Paul Holley – Real Racine Marketing Director, Ron Stark – Hoyer Homestead Farmer, Koreem Ozier – Case High School Graduate/Basketball player, Renessa Joplin – Koreem Ozier’s Mother, Wanda Joplin – Koreem Ozier’s Grandmother, Maggie Picazo – Training at Harbor Park CrossFit, Corian Yandel – Harbor Park CrossFit, Jason Yule – Harbor Park CrossFit, David Yandel – Harbor Park CrossFit

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