Racine & Me, April 22, 2017: Relay for Life, Bark for Life, and get bEHIND the aRTS Studio Tour

NOW: Racine & Me, April 22, 2017: Relay for Life, Bark for Life, and get bEHIND the aRTS Studio Tour

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Jacob Kittilstad opened the show by calling attention to the stye on his eyelid. He admitted that it probably felt more noticeable than it really was. Fortunately he had multiple guests on the program to put his small problem into perspective.

First, Jacob was joined by the people putting together “Relay for Life of Racine”. The event is in its 24th year and continues to be a popular fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Right now, organizers are looking for more teams to join the cause (and want remind to past teams that now is the time to start planning). Click here for more information

Going along with that event, “Bark for Life of Waterford” is also nearing on the calendar. The event is a fundraising opportunity honoring the life-long contributions of Canine Caregivers. Jacob spoke with one cancer survivor who said her Olde English Bulldog helped her through her diagnosis and treatment – and the upcoming event is definitely worthwhile tribute to her pet’s companionship. Click here for more information

Next, an organizer for the 7th annual “get bEHIND the aRTS” Studio Tour talked about the format of their upcoming program. The event offers three days filled with art––inviting guests to explore an entire weekend of creativity in Southeastern Wisconsin. The self-guided tour allows access to 67 artists’ studios featuring over 100 creatives at 27 locations throughout Racine and Kenosha. Visual artists of all mediums and performing artists will again open their private workspaces for a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse of their innovative and productive worlds. Click here for more information

Viewers were treated to an in-studio demonstration from one of the artists involved with tour while Jacob talked to an organizer for the “get bEHIND the aRTS” pre-party. Admittedly, there was some confusion on the set during this week’s show. Although it may not have gone completely the way Jacob would have wanted it, it was a truly visceral and real experience – something rarely witnessed on television these days. Click here for more information on the pre-party

...and click here for more information on BONK! 103 - the other event reference in the segment.

Guests: Amy Helvick – Relay for Life of Racine Chairperson, Matthew Elmer – Relay for Life Community Manager, Lynn Tracey – Breast Cancer Survivor, Nancy Smith – Bark for Life of Waterford Chairperson, Jessica Zalewski – Racine Art Museum Marketing and Publications Manager, Dee Hutch – Racine Artist, Nick Demske – BONK! get bEHIND the aRTS Preview Party Organizer

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