Racine Man Charged with Arson After Admitting to Being in Home that Caught Fire

A Racine man was charged with arson after admitting to being in a residence that was damaged by a fire in the 1100 block of Geneva Street in Racine.

The fire occurred on March 25.

According to the criminal complaint, the Racine Fire Department said the fire was intentionally set in the north east bedroom inside the home.

A resident near the burned residence had surveillance outside his home that showed two individuals entering the residence.

In the video they entered the residence at 1:20 PM and remained inside for 14 minutes.

Within 5 minutes of leaving, dispatch was called for a visible fire.

The fire damage was inside and outside the residence.

Alexander Rodriguez admitted to police being in the residence before the fire. He told police that they were smoking and dropped their smoking materials when leaving.

The fire department did not have smoking materials of any kind at the origin of the fire.

The fire department did find a notebook and various items in a corner that they believed were intentionally lit on fire and subsequently caused the house to burn. 

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