Racine man busted for stealing pigeons

Racine County - Racine County Prosecutors say 36-year-old Jason Kessler broke into an animal farm in Caledonia last weekend, and Kessler was caught on surveillance video trying to make off with five racing pigeons valued at about one-hundred dollars each.

The Caledonia Police Department spoke with CBS 58 about the investigation, and the charges against Kessler.

“There have been other incidents reported to police. However, this incident was the first that was caught on their surveillance video, and this is the first time the owner recognized, and was able to identify the suspect.” Officer Erin Laehr.

The owner of the property did not want to speak on camera or have his property shown.

However, the owner told CBS 58 Kessler got into a scuffle with his father-in-law who tried to stop him from stealing the pigeons.

The owner also told CBS 58 he believes Kessler has stolen a number of animals from his property on several occasions this year.

“We're definitely looking into the possibility of this being the same suspect, yes, from previous complaints.” Officer Laehr.

Police won't commit on a possible motive by the suspect, but say this is not a common crime, and the suspect and owner know each other.

“It so happen the suspect in this case along with the farm owner both have interest and hobbies in racing birds. They did know each other from previous bird shows; some of these birds are worth quite a bit of money.” Officer Laehr.

After the attempted theft, police say Kessler got into a getaway vehicle, and the drive took off. When investigators went to Kessler's home to question him, investigators found two racing pigeons, and a damaged lock.

Police say Kessler is charged with misdemeanor theft and battery after scuffling with the man who tried to stop him from stealing the pigeons.

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