Racine County Sheriff's Office Finds Lock Picking Tools and Taser on Greenfield Man During Traffic Stop

A Greenfield man that was arrested on Sunday in the town of Dover was found to have a taser and several different lock picking tools, according to a criminal complaint.

Paul Frank was charged with possession of an electric weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, four counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and three counts of possession of Tetrahydrocannabinols.

Frank was pulled over by a Racine County Sheriff’s Officer for having windows that were allegedly too dark the officer could not see the driver.

Frank told the officer he was not sure if the vehicle had insurance or where proof of insurance was located.

The suspect had a jacket over his legs. The officer asked him why, and Frank said it was because the car heater was not working.

The officer tested the window tint and indicated it let less than 3 percent of light through.

A K9 unit approached the vehicle and alerted to the vehicle.

The officer asked Frank if there was anything illegal in the car and Frank said yes. As he was being escorted to the car, the suspect told police there was an unmarked gun in the vehicle.

Frank said he used the marijuana for chronic back pain. He said he received the gun off a drug dealer when it was pulled on him. In addition, he told police he used the lock picking tools as a hobby.

A search of the vehicle located: a loaded black semi-auto handgun, a pink electric taser, a Clorox sanitizer wipe container with a plastic baggie of Marijuana, a green OilCan rubber container containing yellowing dried THC oil, a glass smoking pipe, a small white vaporizer with sticky brown residue, two small black plastic containers with marijuana seeds, four tools used to scrape out marijuana pipes, lock picking tools, two cylinder lock picks, a vehicle door lock pick and a pack of plastic door lock shims. 

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