Racine Art Museum's Paper Exhibit

We write on it, crumple it up, and give it as gifts for a one-year anniversary.  Paper.  And now there's an entire exhibit dedicated to a mundane material most of us use everyday day of our lives.  Until May 1st, you can see 130 pieces of interesting paper designs.  Everything from books, bowls, jewelry, to even a dress.  

It's all part of "Cut, Fold, and Form." Our Michael Schlesinger spent a little time at RAM Wednesday morning showcasing exactly what you'll see here.  And even though the temptation is there, you're not able to touch the displays.  If you want to see the exhibit, keep in mind there's no cost to get into the museum on Friday, March 4.  

And just a side note, starting March 18th and running through April 3, you can see the annual Peeps exhibit.  It's a huge draw every year solely dedicated to the tasty Easter treats. And on March 17th, there's a Peeps Art Competition.  You have until this Sunday to enter your design.  For more information, click on the attached link.  

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