Questions surround Foxconn CEO's White House visit

NOW: Questions surround Foxconn CEO’s White House visit


MOUNT PLEASANT (CBS 58) - There are new questions about the Foxconn project Tuesday after word that the company’s CEO was planning a visit to the White House.

But Foxconn refused to give any details about that visit.

The meeting even caught Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers off guard.

“I have no idea what they’re talking about,” said Gov. Evers.

He said the meeting might just be about politics.

“They’re friends, they’re buddies so I have no problem with that,” said the Governor.

But not everyone is convinced.

“It was secretive, it’s like this whole project that’s been secretive,” said Jim Mahoney, who has been fighting to keep his home which is in the Foxconn project zone.

Mahoney and his wife recently appeared in a Wall Street Journal article that was critical of the project, and he says they aren’t the only national news outlet reaching out.

“Just yesterday HBO Vice was here,” said Mahoney, who added that CBS’ 60 Minutes also contacted their family.

Foxconn released a statement about the visit that read:

“As part of normal business operations, Foxconn regularly engages with its stakeholders in state and federal government. However, details of these interactions cannot be disclosed for privacy and commercial in confidence reasons.”

Governor Evers downplayed the meeting, pointing out that his administration is in daily contact with Foxconn officials.

“I think things are fine, we understand that they’ve made decisions about their business and we just want to make them successful but we also want to make sure we’re protecting taxpayers,” said Gov. Evers.

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