'QuaranTEENed': Greenfield HS students write book about life during the pandemic

’QuaranTEENed’: Greenfield HS students write book about life during the pandemic

GREENFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- When people look back at the pandemic and wonder what it was like for young people, there is now at least one trustworthy source.

One hundred and ninety-one sophomores at Greenfield High School wrote down reflections on what the last 14 months have been like for them.

Those vignettes were put together in a book, and the authors received their copies Wednesday, June 2.

The book is called "QuaranTEENed," by the GHS Class of 2023, and it started as a classroom assignment. 

Students were told to write about Covid, how the lockdown affected them and what they've learned. 

We spoke to one student whose experiences were particularly poignant.

"I also wrote about more sadder things, like when my baton coach passed away in the year and how that was hard, and I also talked about how my best friend passed away and how that also, y'know, contributed to how I was feeling during quarantine and all that," said sophomore Elena Wolter. 

"When people look at this, I want them to realize that we're just teens and we had to like go through this strange period, this strange new world, sort of," said Cadence Brown. 

The students have presented a copy of "QuaranTEENed" to the Greenfield Historical Society and the Wisconsin Historical Society as a historical record. 

It may be one of the earliest looks at the pandemic from the perspective of teenagers. 

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