Puppies Get Ready for Puppy Bowl

Most of the attention this week is on the Super Bowl; the players, the fan experience and Super Bowl city. But just by the Bay, the Puppy Bowl Scrimmage reigns supreme.

Four mixed pit bulls separated into team Ruff and Team Fluff to see who could score the most points and receive the most awws from the crowd.

Now just like the NFL this is game is taken seriously by these dogs and believe it or not there are rules.

“There are a lot of rules. I will throw a flag for excessive cuteness, if it’s too cute. But if it gets too riled up unnecessary ruff ruff ruffness has been called quite a bit today," said Tommy Ginler the Puppy Bowl Café Ruferee.

We did see plenty of that ruff ruff ruffness out there. Except for Professor Plum who was the silent killer; napping until the right moment came and then striking out of nowhere to score two touchdowns.

There is no passing and rushing in this game, but each time a toy makes it across the 40 yard line it is a touchdown. This game ended 2-0 in favor of Team Fluff.

This is just a scrimmage, the real Puppy Bowl takes place on Sunday at 2:00 PM central time.

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