Protestors hold 'Free Palestine' rally in Milwaukee

NOW: Protestors hold ’Free Palestine’ rally in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There is mixed reaction tonight from both sides here in Milwaukee, but on one thing they agree, that the violence needs to stop.

A pro Palestine rally was held on the Eastside tonight where protesters took over Prospect Avenue soon after ward broke of the cease-fire they’ve been praying for.

It was a colorful and lively March, closing down northbound Prospect Avenue for a time with chance of “Free Palestine!”

“We are here to support Palestine because like Israel’s destroying our nation,” said Nuraisha Mya.

“This has to stop. We can’t keep doing this. So many people lost their lives,” said Al Salamin.

The Milwaukee Jewish Federation is in complete agreement that the violence needs to stop.

“And we are hopeful that there will be peace tonight and that the lives of Israelis and Palestinians and Gaza improve,” said Miryam Rosenzweig, the executive director.

What they don’t agree with is that Israel is to blame, saying the public is being told a false narrative and that Israel left the Gaza Strip years ago.

“Gaza is run by Hamas a terrorist organization and until the people of Palestine are treated by their leader ship as valuable and not treated as human shields in which to attack a political war, their lives will not improve,” said Rosenzweig.

As both sides celebrate the end to an 11 day battle that took hundreds of innocent lives, those seeking justice for Palestinians say this won’t be over until they are free.

“Without justice for everybody it’s very difficult to obtain because you’re always going to have people who feel oppressed who feel that they are not getting their fair share,” said Rizwan Ahmad of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Milwaukee.

The Free Palestine rally on the east side was a peaceful one with no arrests.

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