Proposed west side project will beautify neighborhoods

Rick Russell with Wisconsin Legal Blank, is on board for a city project to beautify Milwaukee's west side neighborhoods. 

\"After I looked at the proposal it was almost a no brainier.\"

A no brainer because the city's major employers fall in the district including-Potowatomi, Aurora, Marquette, Harley Davidson and Miller Coors. The project taxes businesses 3-dollars for every 1-thousand dollars of business. Wisconsin Legal Blank's owner says, it would be a huge benefit to them.

\"It's just a great opportunity for small businesses like us, and there are a  lot of them around here.\"

The project would generate 340-thousand-dollars every year to do improvement projects to all seven of Milwaukee's west side neighborhoods.

\"I think it's very positive I really applaud those companies for stepping up.\"

Alderman Bob Bauman says the major employers agreed to expand the program. 

\"There has been talk of them stepping up their game, investing more into community revitalization, economic development, real estate development, into enhanced public safety initiatives.\"

In the end, owners says  it's a win win. The project has one final vote in front of the common council. 

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