Proposed Bill would eliminate 48-hour waiting period for handguns

 The waiting period to buy a gun in Wisconsin could get a whole lot shorter.

There's currently a proposed bill that would eliminate the 48-hour waiting period to buy a handgun.

The bill has the Governor's support.

Backers of the legislation said this creates a convenience and replaces Wisconsin's outdated 40-year-old law.

Gun advocates, like Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry, Inc., also believe it makes things safer for victims of violence.  

Skeptics, like Milwaukee State Representative Evan Goyke, believe that convenience comes at a price.

He explained that a violent crime or suicide could be more easily committed with this law.

Goyke said he doesn't have a serious problem eliminating the waiting period, but only if there are background checks for all gun sales and special attention is paid to incidents of domestic violence.

There is a hearing planned for this bill on March 11.

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