Proposals for Keno Drive-In site includes Walmart

KENOSHA COUNTY -- The end of an era won't go quietly. Fans of the Keno Drive-in are crushed after hearing a Walmart is interested in the site. The private owner is proposing three different plans that include residential and commercial development. One plan has 19-hundred housing units on 506 acres.

Owner, Steve Mills says, \"I look at this plan as a rebirth of that Corridor.\"

Steve Mills who is the owner says Walmart's interest is a sign the project will succeed.

\"Their commitment to invest $10-$15 million this location proves to me, again, they've done their homework it will work at the site.\"

But others at a Monday meeting offered commentary asking why the drive-in theater couldn't be preserved on the site. Still the plans have to be flushed out with city leaders who say some of the proposals didn't meat development guidelines.

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