Progress and problems with Obamacare in Milwaukee

Milwaukee -- Some local agencies are reporting  progress when it comes to getting people through the application process for the Affordable Care Act.

\"We have seen quite a bit of progress in the past couple of weeks and that the system is beginning to run more smoothly and we are starting to get applications through,\" said Progressive Community Health Centers Fund Development and Marketing Manager, Sarah Bailey.

Bailey said they've assisted about 150 people.  They are using the term enrollment as choosing a qualified health plan and paying the premium which she said has yet to happen with their applicants.   

\"In general it's when they get to that eligibility determination and then choosing the health plan that we're still seeing some of the [website] glitches,\" said Bailey.

During the first week of the roll out they were unable to complete any applications but now Bailey said their three certified counselors are getting about ten people a day through the application process but admits it's not seamless.

\"It really is a day by day situation sometimes hour by hour for us,\" she explained.  \"We have three certified application counselors at any given time one might be able to log in and the other one can't.  It all just sort of depends how the system is going.\"

The Health Communications Officer for Milwaukee's health department said  they have yet to officially enroll anyone in the ACA online. She said the system is not perfect, it's still slow, but has been getting better.  She said they can get people to the point where they can see their options in the marketplace but so far applicants haven't chosen a plan.

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