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Prime suspect in murder of Olivia Mackay appears in court, bail set at $1 million

The prime suspect in the murder of Olivia Mackay appeared in court on Tuesday afternoon.

Daniel Tate is facing one count of First Degree Reckless Homicide, Hiding a Corpse, and Driving Without Consent.

"The nature of this offense, in particular, has terrified the parents in the community and frankly shocked the conscience of this community as well," said District Attorney Michael Graveley. 

He appeared a day after his alleged accomplice Jamari Cook was in court.

According to Tate's criminal complaint, he says he met Olivia Mackay online.

Tate, Cook, and Mackay went to the Bandshell in Kenosha together on July 23.

Tate claims there he saw a mysterious person he'd never seen before come up and strangle Mackay for no reason.

Tate then told police Mackay got back into the car with that person and left. The complaint said that Tate told police "he had no idea that Olivia Mackay was deceased."

This is a very different story from what Cook told police. In Cook's criminal complaint he said Tate strangled Mackay, submerged her in water before they drove off, and dumped her body on the side of the road.

"If convicted, he will spend a lot of time in prison," said Commissioner David Berman. 

Tate and Cook will be back in court on the 15th. The court has ordered that Tate has no contact with Mackay's family and have no access to social media.

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