Preview of second gubernatorial race between Walker and Burke

Dr. Mordecai Lee, a political professor at U-W-Milwaukee has been watching the Governor's race between Scott walker and Mary Burke very closely.

Dr. Lee says don't expect any Hail Mary passes like you see between Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson in a Green Bay Packers game.

Dr. Lee says viewers can definitely expect an offensive and defensive strategy between Walker and Burke in the second and final debate Friday night in Milwaukee.

Dr. Lee says there's also a chance Governor Walker may come out on the attack.

\"As a very polished politician, he is very comfortable going on the attack, and it's possible he'll decide the best strategy is to try and get her on defense, to try and make her look bad, by sort getting her off her game, Dr. Mordecai Lee.\"

Doctor Lee says both candidates did well in the first gubernatorial debate last week.

The race remains a dead heat.

But the two candidates will have to focus on the small percentage of undecided voters.

\"How do you convince undecided people of such a small number? They so resisted making a decision to now, Dr. Mordecai Lee.\"

Dr. Lee says another thing to watch is to see how the candidates will respond to each other.

\"They were almost ignoring their opponent being there. The question becomes if tomorrow night if they should interact with each other, Dr. Mordecai Lee.”

The debate is Friday at 7 p.m. in Milwaukee and CBS 58's Mike Strelow will be on the media panel.

The debate will air live on our sister station the \"M\", WMLW, and then a rebroadcast will air on CBS 58, right after the late local news at 10:35 p.m.

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