Powerball Grows to $500 Million

The jackpot is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Gas station owners across our viewing area say they're very happy about all the attention.

It's a gamble many shoppers are willing to take. With the powerball ticket reaching hundreds of millions, the cash registers are clinging with people hoping to win big.

Duane Kongshaug says, "I'd split it with my step kids, give them a million dollars, I can't spend it all."

We stopped by a gas station in Bayview and found plenty of shoppers already plotting what they'd do with their winnings.

Damon Gains says, "I'd buy a car, a house, go to college and pay off the tuition, feed my family."

This man says he'd give his to the greater good.

Eric Stein says, "If I won I'd buy a home for all the homeless people and help feed Milwaukee and get our community back together."

Many said they don't play the lottery unless it gets to be a big pot like it is now. Nobody has matched all six numbers in one of the bi-weekly powerball drawings since Nov. 7, 2015. That's 17 drawings with no winner, which only helps build more suspense. 

If no one wins tonight that jackpot will continue to rise, that lucky winner could be picked tonight at 10.

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