Potawatomi Hotel & Casino lifting many COVID-19 protocols, including masks for fully vaccinated

NOW: Potawatomi Hotel & Casino lifting many COVID-19 protocols, including masks for fully vaccinated

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Potawatomi announced Wednesday, May 26, it's rolling back COVID-19 restrictions beginning June 1.

Security will no longer ask guests about COVID symptoms or do temperature checks at the door.

Every slot machine at Potawatomi will be on for the first time in more than a year.

“We like looking forward to that light at the end of the tunnel,” said Ryan Amundson, the public relations manager for Potawatomi.

During the pandemic, half of the slot machines were shut off to allow for social distancing.

The hotel and casino is also ending the mask requirement for vaccinated people.

“We strongly encourage our other guests who might not be vaccinated to wear masks still, to make the right choice,” Amundson said.

It will be the honor system. Experts say unvaccinated people should still wear a mask but realistically that’s unlikely.

“I think if somebody who isn’t wanting to be vaccinated, is making that choice, I think it’s likely that at least a good percentage of those people are going to be out without a mask,” said Dr. Matt Anderson with UW Health.

Dr. Anderson says that’s why people should do what’s right for them. If they are vaccinated but live with kids or others unable to get the shot, masks might be a good idea.

“If I had a child who had asthma, who was not eligible to be vaccine, I would be avoiding those crowds and masking in public until my child could be vaccinated,” Dr. Anderson said. “Purely out of precaution, not because vaccines aren’t effective.”

At Potawatomi it won’t be totally back to business as usual. Masks are still required for employees. It will still be smoke free inside, restaurants will stay take-out only and Bingo and table games aren’t reopening yet.

“We’re hoping to open that back up,” Amundson said. “There’s a number of factors that go in to reopening those areas. first and foremost, we need to hire people.”

Potawatomi says hiring has been a struggle. There are at least 100 job openings at many in food service and security.

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