Political Signs Damaged, Stolen

CBS 58—There is about a month to go until the election, and as tensions mount, around our area there reports of campaign signs stolen or damaged.

Thursday night a Trump/Pence sign stolen from a yard in New Berlin. The homeowner, Nik Clark, caught the thieves on his home surveillance cameras.

“It’s double frustrating, I mean, obviously first it’s just theft, that sign, the cost to get it and ship it here, that’s my money,” Clark said. “And second off, it’s the intolerance of young people these days.”

In Wauwatosa, Michael Ehrmann designed a custom Trump sign for his yard and about a week after it went up, vandals spray painted it.

“At first I was really mad, really angry, and then after I was thinking about it I was more just disappointed than anything else,” Ehrmann said.

Theft and damage to political signs is a problem throughout the area. In July Democrats were the target in Fond Du Lac. Jeff Schultz was upset he had to replace two signs taken from his yard.

"Its not American. Its not what we should be like as a people,” Schultz said.

 Ehrmann says he’s put up signs before, including during Gov. Walker’s recall race and this has never happened. He thinks the damage to this signs reflect the divisiveness of this election.

“I do think it’s polarized  a lot of people to the point where this gets ridiculous, you know?” Ehrmann said.

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