Police Warning of Package Thieves

It always seems to surface this time of year, thieves taking holiday packages and getting caught on camera.

Police said this is the time of year more packages are dropped off at homes and it's also the time of year people jump at that chance to take packages right off your porch.

Just like a real life Grinch trying to steal Christmas.

A man was caught on video grabbing a package right off someone's porch then scurrying away.


Police and insurance companies call guys like this a porch pirate.


This urban Jack Sparrow found his loot on a Madison porch Thanksgiving Night, but people like this guy could be lurking anywhere.

Greenfield Police Sergeant Ray Radakovich said if residents are not going to be home think about some other places to send the package.

Porch pirates usually cruise neighborhoods during the work day follow delivery drivers and key in on packages left out in the open.

The Travelers Insurance Company has a few more tips like requesting mobile or email package delivery notifications.

They also suggest asking the package be held at a local shipping facility so you can pick it up.

Quest the package only be delivered if it's signed for.

You can also leave written instructions for people delivering the package.

Radakovich also wants to remind people thieves also cruise parking lots...

So he said put your shopping bags in your trunk...and that will stop someone from smashing your car window and grabbing whatever they can.

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