Police say calls regarding domestic disputes happen more often than you think

NOW: Police say calls regarding domestic disputes happen more often than you think

SOUTH MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The child found safe in Indiana after her noncustodial father lead police on a high speed chase is home safe.

But this is not the father’s first run-in with the law and police say cases like this happen more often than you think.

One of those organizations who steps in during these situations is the Soujourner House.

As of the end of September, the organization says they’ve helped process more than 3900 restraining orders in Milwaukee County so far this year.

The South Milwaukee Police Department shared body camera video from the August incident when Kenneth Brown was charged with disorderly conduct.

In the video, Brown is seen still holding his 2-year-old daughter while officers are trying to cuff him.

A judge then issued a no contact order.

“We do have a lot of single parent families in South Milwaukee,” says Chief of Police, Ann Wellens. “And unfortunately we do respond to a lot of these types of calls.”

Chief Wellens says local partnerships help walk families through the process of getting a restraining order.

“We hit anywhere from 4300 to 5300 every year,” says Carmen Pitre, CEO and president of Sourjourner.

“Our role is to help you get your statement down on paper, to help you understand what your options are, talk to you about what the court might be looking for, and then support you as you go through the system,” explains Pitre.

Pitre admits getting a restraining order can be lengthy and draining but very powerful once obtained.

“Just by violating the restring order, that in itself is a criminal act and can be prosecuted,” says Pitre.

In Brown’s case, the no contact order was violated. He now faces two felonies and two misdemeanors.

“Milwaukee County has issued a warrant for his arrest and extradition procedures will be started in order to bring him back to Wisconsin,” says Wellens.

Sourjourner offers step-by-step booklets to anyone seeking a restraining order. The booklet is also available online.

Chief Wellens says they’re working with the state of Indianan to see what charges Brown will be facing there.

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