Police investigate after needles found in Halloween candy

BOSTON (CBS News) -- Police in the Massachusetts town of Marshfield are advising local residents to throw Twizzlers away after two packages were found to contain sewing needles, CBS Boston reports. The Marshfield Police Department posted an "important warning" on its social media accounts Thursday about two packages of Twizzlers Twists, saying the candy was received in the Brant Rock area.

"We are investigating two packages of Twizzlers Twists that contained sewing needles inside the candy," the department's posts said. "Advised to throw away Twizzlers and inspect all other candy."

In a separate case in Tennessee, the Wilson County Sheriff's Office said: "A report was taken last night in Mt. Juliet after a mother noticed a candy wrapper had been altered. A needle was then located in the piece of candy."

"Please check your candy to ensure that it is properly sealed and has not been altered," the sheriff's office tweeted.

Experts urge parents not to give kids any treats that aren't commercially wrapped. She also recommends looking for any signs of tampering, including an unusual appearance or discoloration, tiny pinholes, or tears in wrappers. 

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