'Pokemon Go' discussed at county meeting

The ‘Pokemon Go’ craze continues to draw concern in Milwaukee county. It was one of the items up for discussion at the county parks committee meeting on Tuesday morning.

"It is important everyone understands here no one, no one is trying to deny the rights of the players of the game from playing the game," said one man who lives near Lake Park, one of the sites drawing concern from nearby neighbors.

Neighbors say there has been increased population in the park, which has resulted in a disruption in vegetation, and trash.

There’s also been concern about safety.

Parks director John Dargle sent a letter to the developer of Pokemon Go, letting them know permits are required for geocaches, which are the Pokestops players find on their phones.

The company has not yet responded the county.

But one 'Pokemon Go' player, says he is trying to take action into his own hands, by creating a Pokemon ranger volunteer group.

"They will have a badge that we are funding that will denote what group they are apart of and their goal will be to an intermediary between the park government and the players themselves. Encourage them to pick up after each other, encourage vendors to get proper permits, pretty much be an in between," said the founder of the group.

The meeting was only informational, and no decisions were made.

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