Plunging Temperatures Could Bring FROST Wednesday Morning!

It’s May and we are still talking about the threat of frost around the viewing area.  The National Weather Service has issued a Frost Advisory for ALL of the viewing area late tonight and Wednesday morning.  With cool temperatures around the low and windy conditions, highs are not expected to climb very high today.  Temperatures during the daytime will be stuck in the 40s and lower 50s.  As high pressure rolls in behind the storm system, this is going to bring clearing skies later on tonight.  Clearing skies, light winds, and drier conditions is a perfect recipe for a cold night.  Forecast lows overnight could plunge in the upper 20s and lower 30s inland, while along the lake could be a few degrees higher.

Average last frost along the lakeshore typically is the last week in April or the first week of May.  Inland, last frost can hold until mid-May.  So, this is pretty typical to have an early May frost.  If you have plants early, make sure to cover them up.  If they’re in pots, even better! Bring them indoors.  Once the sun is up, conditions will warm quickly, and the frost concern will be over.

The pattern is looking cooler than average for the month of May.  The Climate Prediction Center sends out forecasts monthly on temperatures and precipitation chances.  We are under the “below average” chance for temperatures, and just east of “below average” chance for precipitation.  If you’re wanting warmer temperatures and more rain, the May forecast might not be for you. - Morning Meteorologist Chris Nelson

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