Plot Donated to Habitat for Humanity in Honor of Sheboygan Falls Family

A tragedy is turning into an opportunity for a family in need in Sheboygan Falls.

These are three flower pots the kids grandmother placed here to honor them it reads love you more.

It is on the donated land located on Bemis street and Western Avenue in Sheboygan Falls.

Back on January 26th, three children died in a house fire.

One child was able to escape.

The parents were at church.

The Maki family received a lot of support and they moved to another place close by.

This land donation is emotional for Jon Hoffman, the executive director for Habitat for Humanity, he said it is a tragedy the family has turned around to help another family in need.

“What came to mind was their spirit and all that tragedy that they can see the blessing, the blessings that the community gave to them and recognized that and paid it forward,” said Hoffman.   

Habitat for Humanity in the meantime is looking for a family who will receive the house that will be built there next summer.


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