Planning a graceful exit from your soon to be former job

NOW: Planning a graceful exit from your soon to be former job

A recent survey by the Robert Half staffing agency found that 6 in 10 Human Resources managers said their company commonly acts on feedback from exit interviews.

But this process can be filled with land minds for the worker who might want to let it all hang out.

"We don't want to pull a Jerry McGuire," says Robert Half Metro Market Manager Jim Jeffers. A reference to the Tom Cruise film when an agent on his way goes on a tirade through the office.

"We want to make sure we're doing it professionally," said Jeffers.

Keys to a graceful exit include:

Talk with your boss. They don't want to find out through email hear through the grapevine that you're leaving your company.

Talking with HR to know your benefits.

Letting your colleagues know that your leaving and keeping in touch.

"Don't burn bridges," Jeffers warns. "You never know when you might be working with somebody again."

If you do if you have any criticism, keep the comments constructive and have what you're going to say planned out.

"Don't name names," suggests Jeffers. "Don't call out anybody in particular. Just talk about your overall experience."

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