Pinkwashing misleads shoppers, targets breast cancer supporters

Nikki Panico remembers the feelings of duty to support when her mother began her fight against breast cancer.

\"The first time my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, we bought everything pink and everything with a ribbon, we were so proud to honor her and support the cause.\"

While shopping for all things pink, Panico noticed a troubling trend.

\"We have to be really cautious about the signs that say, proceeds go to breast cancer,\" Panico said.

The breast cancer survivor and Executive Director for the local Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation found more pink products touting support for breast cancer awareness, but some aren't backing it up financially.

\"What organization is getting those dollars, is getting that donation, is getting those proceeds?\" Panico asked.

Stores like Rogers & Holland's and White House, Black Market clearly labeling where their money is going. But, others bring in big bucks on the breast cancer themed items, and not a dime goes to charity. Mary Steinkraus checks tags and asks questions to be sure.

\"They all jump on the bandwagon to make a few bucks but they aren't really representing like they should,\" Steinkraus said.

It's a practice that bothers shoppers like Lillian Serrano. She says companies shouldn't play on the emotions of people.

\"They're profiting from somebody else's life and that's not right,\" Serrano said.

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