Pink Umbrella Theater Company prepares for Summerfest performances

NOW: Pink Umbrella Theater Company prepares for Summerfest performances

MILWAUKEE, Wis (CBS 58) -- The Pink Umbrella Theater Company is set to perform once a day for the last weekend of Summerfest, July 7-9.

CBS 58 spoke with founder Katie Cummings on the grounds of Summerfest Thursday morning.

The group is set to perform SHINE! It's a story of six people coming out of COVID and emerging back into the community. Unsure and unsteady, they find their way together in this newly-devised non-verbal piece.

James Fletcher, writer and director, and Molly Kiefer, movement director, take you on a 45-minute sensory immersive journey through sights and sounds of community, connection and creation.

The mission of Pink Umbrella Theater Co. is to promote and provide theater that is accessible and inclusive with people who identify with a physical, intellectual or emotional disability.

The group was founded in September 2018. Pink Umbrella Theater Co. is the first of its kind in Milwaukee. Actors and artists from ages four and up are part of the crew. Cummings said they set out to be the first professional theater company in Milwaukee to hire disabled actors and artists. Together, we will create a space that is inclusive and accessible for all.

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