Personal shopper will take care of your Christmas gifts for $75 an hour

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Like Santa, some make holiday shopping look easy.

For the rest of us, it requires more effort.

“I do my best to pick out the right gift for the right person,” one woman said

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“I’m going to be one of those last minute shoppers for sure,” another shopper said.

But, what if someone could do it all for you?

“It’s still coming from a thoughtful place,” said Susan Padron,  a stylist who doubles as a personal shopper.

At $75 an hour, she works with clients to learn about the recipient, before finding the perfect gift.

Padron suggests starting with a budget. From there, you should consider lifestyle and interest and focus less on what you like.

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Another insider tip? Shop local.

“It makes it special to know you’re receiving something and you’re the only person in the world that has it or one of a few that has it.

Learn how you can get a personal shopper HERE.

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