Peaceful demonstrations continue as protesters march for justice

NOW: Peaceful demonstrations continue as protesters march for justice

MILWAUKEE/WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A seventh night of marching happened in the Milwaukee area Thursday night.

One group kicked things off at 27th & Center and made their way down the streets of Wauwatosa.

Their message was no different from all other nights: justice for black and brown lives.

Thursday's march was very well planned and peaceful.

It began with a pep talk, and people making sure demonstrators had water and snacks.

Along the route CBS 58 saw organizers communicating with walkie-talkies, and stopping every now and then to make sure those in the crowd  were okay.

Music often played in the background as one person led the crowd chants.

People walked, drove and held signs with various saying and also pictures of George Floyd.

Since the protests began, CBS 58 has gotten perspective from adults.

On this day, we decided to ask children how they felt.

One boy, younger than 10, said in his own words why black lives matter.

“They matter because everybody in the world matters. No matter what color you are every life matters," Armani Bell said.

“I think that it’s just certain police officers that are doing wrong, but the police do protect us and keep us safe and stuff like that, but it’s just certain police officers that make the other police officers look bad," Kareema Wartchow, 14, said.

Flyers were also handed out with nine tips for white allies at black marches.

One of tips, tip two, read: "Do not speak for black people, lift their voices. They will lead the message."

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