Parking nightmare in downtown Milwaukee

Milwaukee - A parking garage at the US Bank building is now closed after the walls shifted. It's a major concern, and it turns out, it's a major inconvenience.

The parking garage is adjacent to an ongoing construction site, and it's related to the north wall shifting two inches over the weekend.

Roughly one-thousand US Bank Employees and tenants park in the garage everyday.

\"You pay a specific fee to park in a structure in the building that you work in.\" Said, Laurie Belmont.

Employees and tenants will have to take a shuttle to the Summer fest grounds, which is a mile away until the parking garage reopens.

\"Nobody is even going to want to walk that because it's so far away.\" Said Belmont.

Employees and tenants don't have many options in the busy section of downtown Milwaukee.

\"You can't find any place to park around here.\" Said, Belmont.

While monitoring the building, inspectors spotted a few safety concerns, and that led to closing the parking garage.

\"I think they knew this was going to happen, so it's just irritating they didn't tell us sooner.  Because we could have prepared for it, and left earlier.\" Said, Tracy Roets.

Apparently, US Bank sent out an email notification, but employees told CBS 58 they didn't find out until Tuesday morning once they arrived for work.

\"I was trying to pull into the parking structure barricades, and they handed out fliers. I got there at ten after seven. So it was a shock.\" Said, Belmont.

Although the garage closure is related to ongoing construction, a spokesperson told CBS 58 a crane did not hit the parking structure.

The goal is to have the parking garage reopen by the end of this week.


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