More than 55,000 college basketball fans are expected to take part in the games being played at the BMO-Harris Bradley Center.

It's a big boost in business for downtown shops and parking lots.

CBS 58's David Ade spoke with visitors about their search for a spot.

You really only have a couple options down here. Get super lucky and find a metered street parking spot close to the arena,  You can pay an arm and a leg to park in the lot close to the arena. Or use your legs... and walk several blocks from where you can find some cheaper parking.

We saw this private lot across from the arena charging 50 bucks. But be careful with this one, people who parked here tell us the rate goes up if you plan to spend the whole day here. We called the company to ask about it, and they didn't call back. But a Worker here told us there are different pricing levels.

This lot at eighth and  Highland... you can get your car in there for 20 bucks. We found his Minnesota fans found a lot by Marquette University for just $12.

"We first decided to just drive by the stadium to see what we can find parking wise. We found a couple of lots and we saw that it was for $50. No way were we going to spend that much money to park."

So if you find a city run metered spot along the street, and you overstay your time, the city says it's going to ticket you $22.... that's $28 less than parking at the lot just across the street.

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