Parents in Waukesha County concerned that technology is controlling how kids learn

NOW: Parents in Waukesha County concerned that technology is controlling how kids learn

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Parents in Waukesha County are concerned that technology is controlling how kids learn. Now, some of those parents are trying to start their own school.

The fear among Kettle Moraine parents is that the traditional, teacher-led education model is fading away and being replaced with an over-reliance on technology.

There's a shift that some parents are noticing in their children's school.

"Technology is the main mode of instruction and being supplemented or supported by teachers," said Kristina Vourax.

"The amount of technology is not so necessary in such young, developing minds," said Melissa Smiley.

Kristina told us she's done fighting a Kettle Moraine administration that she says is committed to digital learning.

So, she's spearheading an effort to begin a new and more traditional school.

"Why not create something that we want to create and go in a positive direction?" said Kristina.

She says nearly 100 families are interested in the Lake Country Classical Academy.

As they plan an application for a charter, these parents plot a curriculum. Liberal arts, math, literature, science, and history is the focus.

"It's not a no-technology option. It's just using technology as a tool and putting teachers back where they belong at the front of the classroom," said Melissa.

It would be a departure from a Kettle Moraine district that ranks 65th out of more than 400 Wisconsin school districts on state's accountability report cards. 

The Superintendent released the following statement,

"Families choose us for our excellent teachers and the learning opportunities we provide, relying on us to prepare students for success. We encourage families to be involved in their child's education and we respect decisions they make for their student."

CBS 58 News also spoke with students who are very happy where they are and with the technology they have.

The people behind the academy will learn next summer if they're granted a charter. Their aim is to open in fall of 2020. 

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