Parents give teachers bottles of wine with son’s picture on them

DAYTON, Ohio (WHIO) – It’s not unusual for parents to get their child’s teacher a present around Christmas.

But parents in Ohio came up with a practical gift this year!

DJ Sommers of Dayton, Ohio, says his parents usually give teachers a candle or flower to say thanks.  But this year, they got bottles of wine with a picture of DJ’s younger brother on the label and a message --  ‘Our child might be the reason you drink, so enjoy this bottle on us.’

DJ tweeted the photos of the wine on Monday.  By Thursday morning, he had more than 35,000 likes and more than 5,300 retweets.

“Best thing I’ve seen all day,” wrote one person on Sommers’ Twitter account. Other fans praised the bottle labels, while also relating to the Ohio couple’s hilarious thoughts on parenthood.

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