PARENTS BEWARE: 'Eraser Challenge' Gaining Popularity Among Kids, Can Lead to Serious Burns

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – A local middle school is warning parents about a dangerous online challenge that could be putting your child at risk for serious injuries.

The online challenge is called the “Eraser Challenge” and is gaining popularity among kids, but it may be more dangerous than “fun.”

East Iredell Middle School put out a post on Facebook warning parents about the trend, saying they have seen several cases of burns on students who took part.

Children are rubbing erasers roughly across their skin while saying the alphabet. This leaves the child with burn marks and abrasions. Then the children compare injuries.

The school linked to an article from 2015 which says a teenager from California was hospitalized with critical injuries after taking the challenge. He reportedly contracted Strep A Toxic Shock, likely from the germs on the dirty eraser he rubbed against his arm.

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