Paramedic Supervisor describes scene of massive pileup in Winnebago County

NOW: Paramedic Supervisor describes scene of massive pileup in Winnebago County

WINNEBAGO COUNTY, WI (CBS 58) -- In ten years as a paramedic, Katie Stuczynski has seen a lot. But nothing like what she saw on Sunday. 

"Every person who responded and came to that scene stepped up," she said. 

Several 911 calls released from the 131-vehicle pileup revealed the panic in the voices of those in the crash. 

"Help, I’m on the highway. There’s a huge accident. I’m so scared," one woman told dispatch. 

"Just thought there’s no way, this is just chaos. At that point I knew it was something bigger than we’ve ever been to," Stuczynski, who works as a Paramedic Supervisor for Gold Cross Ambulance, said about her initial thoughts when she arrived on the scene. 

"If you can just smash pop cans between two pieces of steal as tight as you can get them for about a quarter mile, that’s what we had to deal with there," said Adam Pugh, co-owner of Expert Automotive Services in Oshkosh. 

Pugh helped coordinate part of the towing and moving of vehicles from the scene. 

"The primary objective is to move cars out to access patient for extrication," said Pugh. 

He said even firefighters were helping to attach cars to tow trucks. 

"There was roofs coming off cars, doors getting cut off," Pugh said, "Firefighters standing on top of cars moving patients over vehicles to get the out of vehicles." 

In the middle of the pileup, he said there were many people working together to get vehicles out of the way and people to safety.

"Everyone worked really well together for as big of an incident as it was," he said. 

"Without the first people in there, without the fire department, the police department, bystanders, none of this would have went the way it did that day. I think it would have turned out a lot differently," added Stuczynski. 

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