Painting with a purpose: Packers fence raises money for COVID-19 relief

NOW: Painting with a purpose: Packers fence raises money for COVID-19 relief

GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- For the remainder of the regular season, attendance at Lambeau Field will be limited to Green Bay Packers employees and members of their family who live with them. But in the shadow of Lambeau Field, across Lombardi Avenue, fans are finding a creative way to still be part of the games. 

"This year we decided to offer an experience to the fans where they could have themselves on the fence. We're probably the next best seats in the house," said Spencer Young, Packers fence artist. 

For a couple hundred bucks die-hard fans could earn a spot on the fence. Here's the best part: the money goes to the Packers "Give Back COVID-19 Community Relief Fund." 

"We wanted to do something good. We’re not here for greed, we’re here for good. We wanted to benefit the community. We have this platform. Spencer and I aren't millionaires. We don't have funds to just donate out of pockets to help the community so we can use our artform that we both have and use that to help benefit the community," said Zane Statz, Packers fence artist. 

Spencer and Zane donated their time, which took nearly 100 hours to paint the fence, and raised more than $6,000 to give right back to the community. Other than a few touch-ups, the fence is all set. 

The pair are still raising money by selling prints and canvasses. 

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