Packers-Vikings rivalry divides Wisconsin twins

NOW: Packers-Vikings rivalry divides Wisconsin twins

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) – They were born just a few minutes apart and both have cerebral palsy, but when it comes to football, one set of Wisconsin twins have very different choice teams.

Nathan is a Vikings fan while Jason cheers for the Packers.

Their mom says the brothers from Manitowoc County are usually as close as can be.

In fact, she says she even got them different TVs so they could each watch their team.

“Separate rooms and separate TVs. Aww, that’ll take care of that,” said Diane Hartman. “Well, now they’re yelling and screaming back and forth to each other instead, so it hasn’t…it just got louder.”

This Saturday, the brothers won’t be watching the game in their rooms. Satori, the Plymouth-based cheese company, is giving the twins tickets to the game.

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