Packers Ty Montgomery spends bye week at Germantown church

NOW: Packers Ty Montgomery spends bye week at Germantown church

It's bye week for the Green Bay Packers. Running back Ty Montgomery spent his weekend with parishioners at Life Church in Germantown. 

"There's a ton of players who would do this or that and he's like 'no, I need to rest up but if I have an opportunity to share my faith with people who need to hear it. I want to utilize my platform,'" said Ryan Coggins, Executive Pastor at Life Church.

The church was packed with people eagerly waiting to hear what Montgomery had to say.

Montgomery, a Texas native, is a devout Christian and grew up going to church. But it was his own self discovery that helped him build a relationship with God. 

"Continue to be an example and plant seeds. Sometimes we don't have to say something to convict people of what they are doing . Sometimes just the way we live out life and us not speaking, we allow God to speak," said Montgomery. 

This is the second year Life Church has brought in a Packers player as a guest speaker. They've found that their attendance of the events nearly doubles and they hope to continue it next year. 

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