Packers players split on 'underdog' moniker

It's a conversation Packers players don't really enjoy having.  Losing two straight to Seattle, including a 20-point loss in week one, Vegas odds makers put the Seahawks at 7.5 point favorites over Green Bay.  It came as news to backup quarterback Matt Flynn.

\"Probably no one in this locker room could have told you we were seven-and-a-half point underdogs,\" Flynn said Thursday.

It's a line that shouldn't surprise many.  Seattle pounded Green Bay in September but Aaron Rodgers' famous spelling lesson -- R-E-L-A-X -- still rings true.

\"We've always been relaxed, this whole season,\" safety Micah Hyde said.  \"We're relaxed right now going into it. We have faith in our team.\"

\"I don't feel like an underdog,\" tight end Andrew Quarless said.  \"[The Seahawks] are definitely a tough bunch. They're going to bring the aggression, so we gotta match their intensity.\"

Yet, some players see the underdog role as a challenge.

\"You know, we like it that way,\" cornerback Tramon Williams said.

Both Williams and linebacker Clay Matthews know all eyes will be on Rodgers.  But they say the defense could make the difference Sunday.

\"That's the way we want it,\" Williams said.  \"It's not going to make the game any different. We still gotta go out there and play our game. Hopefully we execute the most.\"

\"You know, we'll see what the headlines are at the end of the game, but hopefully it's painting a positive image of our defense,\" Matthews said.

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