Packers Hall of Famer Ahman Green arrested for hitting daughter

NOW: Packers Hall of Famer Ahman Green arrested for hitting daughter

Former Packers Running Back Ahman Green was arrested just before 1:00 AM Monday and charged with physical abuse of a child.

Brown County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to a home after a 15-year-old girl said she had been abused. The child's mother told officials her daughter's father, Ahman Green, hit her in the face.

According to the criminal complaint, the whole incident was about doing dishes. Green's daughter was supposed to do the dishes but refused. The daughter said Green threw her on the floor and into kitchen cabinets before forcefully making her put silverware away. When he finally let go, the daughter said that Green punched her in the face. Responding deputies noticed that the daughter's left eye was swollen, slightly blue and had scratches.

After she was allegedly punched, the daughter finished the dishes and then snuck out of the house to call the police.

Ahman Green told authorities that he may have thrown his daughter to the ground and when he "slapped her upside her head" he may have hit her glasses which caused her to get cut. 

According to authorities, they were called to Ahman's house for a similar incident over taking the garbage to the curb two years ago.

Green is the Packer's all time leading rusher. He was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in 2014.

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